Our team at ARJAE has comprehensive expertise and extensive experience in the fabrication of pressure vessels, heat exchangers, fired heaters, piping, and structural steel for a wide range of custom equipment for oil and gas processing. This includes construction, repair and alteration of pressure vessels, fired heating units, treater systems, and pressure piping systems.

Pressure Vessels

  • ASME Section VIII Div 1 pressure vessels and exchangers
  • Built-in compliance with ABSA requirements, our production facility is maintained with our ABSA approved quality program (AQP)
  • Capable of building up to 12 feet diameter vessels, ~80 feet long. This includes all types of vessels from horizontal crude treaters for the oil sands to large vertical fractionation or distillation columns
  • Types of pressure vessels include:
    • Inlet Separators & Free Water Knockout (FWKO) units
    • Slug Catchers
    • Dehydrators, Heaters/Treaters (conventional and electrostatic)
    • Crude Processing Vessels
    • Fractionation / Distillation Columns with specialized engineered internals
    • Catalytic Reactors
    • Filters
    • Etc.

Fired Equipment:

  • Direct Fired Process Heaters
  • Direct Fired Utility Heaters
  • Indirect Fired Heaters
  • Thermal Fluid Packages
  • Process Reboilers (thermosyphon and kettle-type)
  • CSA B149.3 Compliant Fuel Gas Trains
  • Burner Management Systems (both standard units and custom programmed designs)
  • API-560 Vertical Cylindrical Heaters
  • API-560 Cabin Heaters
  • Helical Coil Heaters
  • Line Heaters

Heat Exchangers

  • Designed and built-in compliance with ASME Section VIII Div1 UHX and TEMA standards.
  • All TEMA style exchangers built in-house including fixed end, floating end, and removable bundle types.
  • Experienced with all designs and installation methods.
  • In-house equipment for manufacturing to reduce reliance on external machining equipment.
  • Types of exchangers include:
    • Gas / Gas Exchangers
    • Reboilers (thermosyphon and kettle-type)
    • Shell & tube style exchangers for various services (lube oil cooling, refrigerant compressor oil cooling, etc.)

Air Coolers

  • Designed and built-in compliance with ASME Section VIII Div1 UHX and API 661 standards.
  • All components designed and specified in-house including overall cooler design, finned-tube design, turbolators, header box, fans, belt drive systems, louvers, warm-air recirculation systems, and associated instrumentation and electrical components.
  • Types of exchangers include:
    • Fractionation/Distillation Condensers
    • Lube Oil Cooling
    • Refrigeration Units
    • Hydrogen cooling for renewable energy projects

Pressure Piping

  • Pressure piping in compliance with ASME B31.1 and B31.3.
  • A production facility that is experienced building up to 24” NPS and higher.
  • Piping systems for:
    • high, regular and low-temperature service
    • sweet and sour service
    • hydrogen service
  • Materials include: carbon steel, stainless steel and HDPE

Structural Steel

  • In-house structural steel fabrication with CWB qualified personnel.
  • Production facility capable of fabricating 30+ metric tonnes of medium-to-heavy fabricated steel components per week.
  • Types of fabricated steel components include:
    • Structural steel skids
    • Pipe supports and structures
    • Heater and Air Cooler structures
    • Cranes (runways, bridge, jib, and monorail styles)
    • Lifting equipment (spreader bars, racks, etc.)
    • Personnel supports and access including platforms, ladders, handrails, manbaskets, etc.

Custom Fabrication:

  • Specialty Alloy Fabrication
  • HDPE Systems