Our team at ARJAE has been an integral partner on many client projects. The scope of our services ranges from single modules, specialized equipment design and fabrication, to full turnkey facilities – including all multi-discipline engineering, design, fabrication, field installation and maintenance services.

Scavanger Froth Separation Project

For this facility, our client holds a proprietary technology that the end-user was installing. ARJAE was awarded the contract to supply in-house project management and engineering services as the client representatives. We have successfully progressed the project from the FEED study through detailed engineering and fabrication.

Desulphurization Unit

For this project, we lead the entire engineering, design, procurement, fabrication, field installation and commissioning/startup of the hydrogen desulfurization unit.

We took preliminary lab test results and scaled up 1,500,000:1 for the commercial facility. To provide design assurances during scale-up, a 1000:1 scale bench unit was designed, fabricated and operated at our facility.

ARJAE demonstrated the advantages of our integrated design and fabrication capabilities, meeting an aggressive 5-month schedule, by performing all services in-house – from start – to bench unit operation – to commercial-sized package ready for start-up. This included the design and manufacturing of pressure vessels, a catalytic reactor, air coolers and shell, tube heat exchangers and a dedicated control system.

6-Burner fuel Gas Skid

Design and manufacture of a CSA B149.3 compliant fuel train for a 56MMBTU per hour heater.

30″ Firetubes

Fabrication of client firetubes, incorporating return-bend design to reduce weld-stress and improve equipment reliability and duration.

30" Firetube

Scrubber Vessels

Re-design and manufacture of new scrubber vessels to eliminate nozzle fracturing and vessel corrosion. The improved design will reduce downtime during maintenance intervals and significantly reduce future maintenance costs associated with the scrubbers.

Scrubber Vessels

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