Processing Plant Turnaround Services

ARJAE Design Solutions’ field service team is dedicated to the success of our clients – and aiding in the long term and trouble-free operation of your equipment. We offer full support in your plant turnarounds – from engineering to fabrication to replacement parts.

Field service

Our experienced field team offers full turnaround service – from the initial stage of vessel shut down, blinding and pancaking, through to the repair and replacement of parts and right back to startup. We will get the job done safely and efficiently.

Field service offerings

  • Pressure vessel isolation
  • Opening and firetube removal
  • Internals removal and inspection support
  • Parts replacement and internals reinstallation, firetube installation
  • Burner system installation and upgrades
  • Burner systems repair and tuning
  • On-site vessel repairs, retrofits and modifications
  • Line heater coil removal and installation
  • Instrumentation operation check and replacement
  • Custom repairs in field or shop
  • Plant optimization
  • Start up and commissioning
Firetube return bend

Firetube inspection and repair


Our parts department is committed to providing high quality and reliable parts for all your application requirements. Our field service team will bring the right parts to site to avoid delays and ensure quick turnaround.

Custom parts supplied

  • Treater turnaround kits
  • Electrostatic treater internals
  • Registered high voltage entrance bushings and grid hangers
  • Anodes and desand systems
  • Fuel train and burner components
  • High efficiency separator internals
Turnaround Kit

Turnaround kit

Fabrication and repairs

ABSA approved quality manual for construction, repair and alteration – backed by our experienced project managers and engineers to provide certified and quality repairs. We can provide support and unique advice to assist with operational or process challenges.

  • Repairs or replacement to crude or gas processing equipment on-site or in shop
  • Firetube repair utilizing our full 180-degree return bends to eliminate mitered welds
  • Custom manufactured firetube flanges
  • Heater coil repair or replacement
  • Desand design and installation
  • Custom engineered fabrication
  • Process piping design and fabrication

Firetube return bend

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